Ongoing Points for Prayer

We are all praying for each other of course but please remember in particular this week:

  • Those known to us* who have been unwell; bereaving, or caring for sick family. (*names available to members/regular attenders).
  • Pray for the lonely and isolated, elderly and vulnerable.
  • Pray for our community here in Dunblane; those who live, work or visit, that they may come to know the love of God, through Jesus Christ our LORD.
  • Pray for our small businesses here in Dunblane that they might come through this pandemic with success.
  • Pray for parents looking after children at home.
  • Please pray for our nation: pray that the Church of Christ will be salt and light.
  • Let’s make it a priority to ask our Father that this crisis may pass soon: remember our global neighbours, as well as our own land.
  • Pray that our Father would build His Kingdom and Church .
  • Pray that many people would be turned to Jesus.
  • Pray for gospel opportunities with family and friends.

**Connect with your Pastoral Team Elder for sharing prayer requests and accessing support. Email your Elder at [email protected] if you do not know whose Pastoral Team you are in.  You may also contact Margaret Gordon to pass on prayer requests.